Truckee Orienteering

A racing and training club for orienteering - on foot, mtb, skis, or in adventure races.

2017 brings the sixth summer training season for Truckee. We'll have a different training course set up each week: 30-60 minutes depending on the course. Checkpoints will be little pin flags or mini-controls, sometimes with sportident punching and sometimes just flags. Interval starts, 6pm.

Cost is $20 for the season, for any number of trainings, to cover printing and ink costs for the maps.

Information for each weeks training usually goes out by email a few days before. Registration is by lunch time each event day - just send me an email that says you're coming, so I know how many maps to print. If I don't hear from you, I probably won't have a map for you.

Any Questions? Want to get on the email list for the weekly training announcements? email me. We also have a facebook group for fancy maps and pictures.


Sept 9/10 - Little Truckee Summit Nav Weekend!

Join us for a weekend of orienteering: middle distance courses on Saturday, and a 3/6 hour map trek on Sunday. Both start from the Little Truckee Summit OHV parking here, about 20 minutes north of Truckee on 89.

Saturday: Middle distance races set by Anna and Carol:
Courses - Beginner, Intermediate, Short Advanced, Long Advanced
Finish & Arena - Just across highway 89 from the parking
Registration - On-site registration available, in the arena, opens at 12pm
Starts - 1-3 pm open starts. Walk to the start is 1500m with 50m climb, flagged from the arena.
Course Closure - 4:30pm
Water is available at the start, finish, and on the course.
The only toilets are at the outhouse by the parking.
The beginner course will have some flagging tape where the trail is indistinct

Course stats:
Beginner: 1.7km, 35m climb, 10c
Intermediate: 3.1km, 100m climb, 11c
Short Advanced: 2.8km, 135m climb, 11c
Long Advanced: 4.4km, 205m climb, 20c

Sunday: Lake Tahoe Nav-X Challenge Series:
Starts - 9:30am / 10:30am mass starts Courses - 6 hr / 3 hr Map Trek

Registration for both on the Nav-X website.

July 13 - Tahoe Donner

Sprint around TD, starting from the nordic ski area parking lot. Starts will be at 6pm: here.

July 6 - Fiberboard

Dogbones training course up on the top of Fiberboard.

Directions: 267 to the top of Brockway Summit, then west on the paved road (Mt Watson rd / FSR73) to here. Parking is along the main road, please don't block the gate!

Starts at 6pm.

June 29 - Donner Lake East

At Donner Lake from the Coldstream parking lot here. This is just before the gravel pit. Start will be from here, 6pm.


June 21 - Glenshire

Easy 5k training course around the eastern Glenshire green space, starts at 6pm.


June 15 - Prosser

Training course in Prosser, across from the OHV parking on 89: here. Starts at 6pm.


March 12 - Auburn Ski Club Ski-o

Details on the race page!

March 11 - Royal Gorge Ski-o

Details on the race page!

Jan 30 - Boca Ski-o

New courses, one all downhill!

Jan 29 - Boca Ski-o

With touchless SI today!

Course A, Course B.

Results and splits!

Jan 28 - Boca Ski-o

Even more trails added on today!

Jan 27 - Boca Ski-o

New courses, with an all downhill one!

Jan 26 - Boca Ski-o

Regroomed after big storm, new trails!

Jan 17 - Boca Ski-o

New day new courses! Got out the SI this time.

Course A, Course B, Course C.

Results and splits!

Jan 16 - Boca Ski-o

We have some snowmobile ski-o trails groomed in Boca, they're in great shape!

Jan 8 - Tahoe XC Ski-o

Cancelled by too much rain!

Jan 7 - Tahoe Donner Ski-o

Details on the race page!