Truckee Orienteering

A racing and training club for orienteering - on foot, mtb, skis, or in adventure races.

2017 brings the sixth summer training season for Truckee. We'll have a different training course set up each week: 30-60 minutes depending on the course. Checkpoints will be little pin flags or mini-controls, sometimes with sportident punching and sometimes just flags. Interval starts, 6pm.

Cost is $20 for the season, for any number of trainings, to cover printing and ink costs for the maps.

Information for each weeks training usually goes out by email a few days before. Registration is by lunch time each event day - just send me an email that says you're coming, so I know how many maps to print. If I don't hear from you, I probably won't have a map for you.

Any Questions? Want to get on the email list for the weekly training announcements? email me. We also have a facebook group for fancy maps and pictures.


Sept 9/10 - Little Truckee Summit Nav Weekend!

Join us for a weekend of orienteering: middle distance courses on Saturday, and a 3/6 hour map trek on Sunday. Both start from the Little Truckee Summit OHV parking here, about 20 minutes north of Truckee on 89.

Saturday: Middle distance races set by Anna and Carol:
Starts - afternoon (~1-3pm, tbd)
Courses - Beginner, Intermediate, Short Advanced, Long Advanced
Registration - coming soon

Sunday: Lake Tahoe Nav-X Challenge Series:
More info and registration on the Nav-X website.

July 13 - Tahoe Donner

Sprint around TD, starting from the nordic ski area parking lot. Starts will be at 6pm: here.

July 6 - Fiberboard

Dogbones training course up on the top of Fiberboard.

Directions: 267 to the top of Brockway Summit, then west on the paved road (Mt Watson rd / FSR73) to here. Parking is along the main road, please don't block the gate!

Starts at 6pm.

June 29 - Donner Lake East

At Donner Lake from the Coldstream parking lot here. This is just before the gravel pit. Start will be from here, 6pm.


June 21 - Glenshire

Easy 5k training course around the eastern Glenshire green space, starts at 6pm.


June 15 - Prosser

Training course in Prosser, across from the OHV parking on 89: here. Starts at 6pm.


March 12 - Auburn Ski Club Ski-o

Details on the race page!

March 11 - Royal Gorge Ski-o

Details on the race page!

Jan 30 - Boca Ski-o

New courses, one all downhill!

Jan 29 - Boca Ski-o

With touchless SI today!

Course A, Course B.

Results and splits!

Jan 28 - Boca Ski-o

Even more trails added on today!

Jan 27 - Boca Ski-o

New courses, with an all downhill one!

Jan 26 - Boca Ski-o

Regroomed after big storm, new trails!

Jan 17 - Boca Ski-o

New day new courses! Got out the SI this time.

Course A, Course B, Course C.

Results and splits!

Jan 16 - Boca Ski-o

We have some snowmobile ski-o trails groomed in Boca, they're in great shape!

Jan 8 - Tahoe XC Ski-o

Cancelled by too much rain!

Jan 7 - Tahoe Donner Ski-o

Details on the race page!