Truckee Orienteering

A racing and training club for orienteering - on foot, mtb, skis, or in adventure races.

Winter is ramping up, and we've got a few scheduled ski-o events at the xc areas around Truckee, and also others on the snowmobile trails as the snow allows.

Any Questions? Want to get on the email list for the weekly training announcements? email me. We also have a facebook group for fancy maps and pictures.



March 12 - Auburn Ski Club Ski-o

Details on the race page!

March 11 - Royal Gorge Ski-o

Details on the race page!

Jan 30 - Boca Ski-o

New courses, one all downhill!

Jan 29 - Boca Ski-o

With touchless SI today!

Course A, Course B.

Results and splits!

Jan 28 - Boca Ski-o

Even more trails added on today!

Jan 27 - Boca Ski-o

New courses, with an all downhill one!

Jan 26 - Boca Ski-o

Regroomed after big storm, new trails!

Jan 17 - Boca Ski-o

New day new courses! Got out the SI this time.

Course A, Course B, Course C.

Results and splits!

Jan 16 - Boca Ski-o

We have some snowmobile ski-o trails groomed in Boca, they're in great shape!

Jan 8 - Tahoe XC Ski-o

Cancelled by too much rain!

Jan 7 - Tahoe Donner Ski-o

Details on the race page!